An Italian in isolation in London

by Sara Cellini


Wednesday, 18th March

I was told the restaurant was going to shut down, as were all the restaurants of the company. I cried and felt lonely.

Heavy clouds were slowly coming to London. Day by day less people were on the streets, less food was available.

Home deliveries were not happening until a week later and you receive what they have, not what you ordered.

I felt eerie, thinking that I went to Thailand in February, when Covid-19 was only in China, and now I had no job, and I couldn’t travel anymore, just around the corner (Spain and Italy). Flights were cancelled. Countries locked down.

Thursday, 19th March

I have turned this dramatic situation into my happy routine.

All of us have for sure a corner of the house full of stuff that we keep on saying we will tidy up, one day. Well, this seems to be the right time.

Also, I have discovered a new passion; I spend most of time with my boyfriend cooking, baking and discovering new recipes. This is amazing. I never tried to make pasta, bread etc. before.

I can finally look after my blog.

However, going for groceries became the most stressful thing I had to do lately.

Before social distancing was announced by the Government, a lady called me names when I was queuing at the grocery store.

I was wearing a mask and gloves, queuing, keeping the distance as per the Italian Government announcement. The lady behind me was filling up her basket and accidentally touched me a couple of times, until tired of that, I asked her to step back.

She answered rudely. Like I was doing something stupid wearing gloves and a mask and asking for distance.

Since then, I have changed the way that I do grocery shopping.

I go out once a week; early, just after the opening hours.

I catch the bus, and 10 minutes later I’m in Piccadilly. No one lives there, so stores are stocked.

I wanted to take a photo last week, however I prefer to not use my phone when I’m outside home.

(Because, I don’t believe we can kill virus/bacteria 100% considering that the phone has some parts that you cannot clean.)

London is deserted.

The city is silent.

People, when passing by, look at each other as if they have seen a Martian.

At the shops, people look at each other’s baskets.

The bus driver is questioning with his eyes why you are there.


2 thoughts on “An Italian in isolation in London

  1. This is a great article. I hope you are always safe there. I do this too, I go out at 2 pm in the afternoon when people take a nap. Unfortunately, here in Indonesia people do not seem to be worrying about the virus.


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